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Meet Glenn Shelhamer & The Shelhamer Real Estate Group

I’m so pleased to launch this Real Estate introduction video here on, and to share it with my online social media connections, neighborhood communities, colleagues, and my clients & friends. It’s a pleasure and privilege to sell real estate on the Eastside of Los Angeles servicing MLS Listings and helping my clients with real estate advice, and more importantly, their real estate options.

With respect to my Real Estate introduction video, a huge thank you goes out to a few people that for without their support and guidance this Real Estate introduction video wouldn’t have become a reality. Here’s to Haldane Morris (Actor & Professional Photographer), Ernie Aguilar (Real Estate Broker), Karin Lee (Actor), George Gonzalez, Yara Jasso, my dear friend and mentor James Moll (Allentown Productions), and the mastermind director and editor behind this video Mark Romano (Blue Tavern Productions).

It would be wonderful to hear from you on what you think about the video. Scroll down below to view the video or it’s on the homepage under the featured blogs section. Also, it would be a privilege to help you with real estate when you’re ready to buy or sell a property. My referral agent networks for MLS Listings cover the entire United States and my Sotheby’s International Realty resources span across the glob in more than fifty-six countries. Other words, I can help you with real estate no matter where you live or are considering moving to. is a local real estate website and blog source and premier MLS Listing service provider who serves MLS Listings in Silver Lake, Los Feliz, Echo Park, and many other Los Angeles neighborhoods. I’m here to help you and your property with full-service MLS Listings, and real estate sales services.

Thank you very much for your consideration and I’ll see you around the neighborhood.

Here is to a bright and prosperous 2016!

Glenn Shelhamer
The Shelhamer Real Estate Group

MLS Listings | MLS Listing | MLS Search MLS Listings | MLS Listing | MLS Search

MLS Listings | MLS Listing | MLS Search MLS Listings | MLS Listing | MLS Search

Back in 2015, Glenn Shelhamer started the Silver Lake Blog (SLB), and it quickly became the go-to place for everything happening in Los Angeles – from the latest news and cultural happenings to the ins and outs of the real estate scene.

Fast forward to 2023, and we’ve given SLB a major upgrade, making it even better for keeping up with what’s happening in the central region and Northeast Side of Los Angeles.

At SLB, we bring you all sorts of cool and interesting stuff. Whether it’s the big events everyone’s talking about, little things happening around the community, the hottest topics in town, or showcasing some really unique homes, we’ve got it covered.

And let’s not forget, we’re part of The Shelhamer Real Estate Group – these guys are known as one of the top real estate teams in the U.S. So, stick with us at SLB for all the latest and greatest from the heart and soul of LA!”