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Dodger Stadium. A Part-Time Concert Venue?

Does anyone want to stand up and shout? Can you hear me? I said, “does anyone on the Eastside of Los Angeles want to stand up and shout”? If you’re bobbing your head up and down I’ve got good news for you. The Los Angeles Dodgers have formed a partnership with Oak View Group, CEO Tim Leiweke and Irving Azoff, to attract more big musical acts to Dodger Stadium. Tim Leiweke was the former long-term head honcho of the music power engine AEG (which owns LA Live among other venues)

Word on the street, the duo hope to bring three or four concerts a year to the open-air stadium, starting with two or three shows this year and then pumping up the volume even more in upcoming years. All of this sounds fine and dandy in theory. But will they be able to coordinate rockstar Los Angeles tour dates with our Dodgers baseball schedule? With 81 home games on the horizon, it may be a challenge to add too many concert dates into the mix. And it doesn’t come as a shock zero is the number of booked bands for the stadium at this point. 

It’s not as if bringing music, other than the national anthem, is a relatively new idea for the famous hotdog spot. Dodger Stadium has been used as a concert venue for decades.  Over the years, the ballpark has hosted headliner musical acts such as the Rolling Stones, The Beatles, David Bowie, Michael Jackson, Bruce Springsteen, Eric Clapton, AC/DC, Elton John and our lady Madonna.

Nevertheless, Oak View Group will be facilitating more revenue with additional concerts and events, and that’s great news for them if they can pull it off. A consistent lineup of concerts could provide a solid solution for them to make boat loads of money while the Dodgers are off playing away games and the stadium’s a ghost town. 

It’s estimated that the stadium could accommodate about 50,000 concertgoers. (Oak View Group wouldn’t be promoting the concerts themselves, so there would be an opportunity for them to work with many different live music promoters, theoretically bringing a wider array of shows and music lovers to the stadium.)

Which leaves me to my final point, isn’t Sunset Blvd traffic congested enough when the baseball boys are playing their home games?

Dodger Stadium | Concert Dodger Stadium | Oak View Group

Dodger Stadium and the Downtown Los Angeles skyline

Dodger Stadium | Concert Dodger Stadium | Oak View Group

AC/DC performed at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles

Dodger Stadium | Concert Dodger Stadium | Oak View Group

Britney Spears and Madonna preforming Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles

Dodger Stadium | Concert Dodger Stadium | Oak View Group

Legendary performance by Elton John at Dodger Stadium – Oct. 25 and 26 of 1975

Dodger Stadium | Concert Dodger Stadium | Oak View Group

We LOVE Sunset Blvd Dodger home game traffic!

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