Best Los Angeles Dog Parks

Best Los Angeles Dog Parks | Los Angeles Dog Park | Dog Breeder Los Angeles

I’m sure you’ll agree with us, pooches and their owners love dog parks, and they also enjoy trying a different one out every now and then. Today we’re covering the Best Los Angeles Dog Parks. For too long, dog parks were just an enclosed plain dirt space, but Los Angeles brought the dog park game to the next level. Thank you!

Some like grass and shade while others prefer full sun exposition at the beach. Some like a smaller DTLA space over a large field.

Well, guess what? Regardless of your preferences, Silverlakeblog has got you covered with our Best Los Angeles Dog Parks that you’ve got to try. They are not in any particular order because they are all awesome spots for your dog to have a run in!

Little warning though, don’t forget to clean your dog’s poop each and every time and also avoid any nuisance to the community you are enjoying yourselves in.

Best Los Angeles Dog Parks | Los Angeles Dog Park | Dog Breeder Los Angeles

Best Los Angeles Dog Parks

Silver Lake Dog Park

WHERE: 1850 W Silver Lake Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90026

Although this one doesn’t offer much grass, it has a lot going on for itself including our beautiful large reservoir – which isn’t very beautiful right now! You can enjoy a 2-mile walk around or run with your best friend. For those with small doggies, there are two separate sectionsone section for tiny pooches and the second part for larger breeds.

Recently, shades have been added for both dogs and owners’ comfort; as well as lots of water fountains to rehydrate yourselves.

Like every large dog park, some humans do not pick up their dog’s poop but here, they also forget to pick up their dogs’ tennis balls so you will find plenty upon arrival!

Best Los Angeles Dog Parks | Los Angeles Dog Park | Dog Breeder Los Angeles

Best Los Angeles Dog Parks

2nd St. DTLA “Unofficial” Dog Park

WHERE: Across the street from L.A. Times, 2nd N Spring Park, Los Angeles, CA 90012

What do we mean by unofficial? Well it technically is not a dog park and it is not even fenced-in. Yet, its prime location right across the L.A. Times building and the fact that dog owners have adopted it make it an unofficial dog park, in our eyes.

On the small side, this dog park is very clean and sees regular locals out on their daily walks. Since the streets are right there, owners going to this dog park will almost always have great control over their dogs. Expect polite pooches and a lot of fun.

Otherwise, a block down the street is the Grand Park Dog Park. Only downside to this one is that it’s a real “hit or miss” and kind of small. There’s either a decent crowd, or absolutely no one for hours. Upside is that the Grand Park Dog Park is super clean, and has an awesome view of the DTLA buildings.

Best Los Angeles Dog Parks | Los Angeles Dog Park | Dog Breeder Los Angeles

Best Los Angeles Dog Parks

Laurel Canyon Dog Park

WHERE: 8260 Mulholland Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90046

Perhaps the largest fenced-in dog park in Los Angeles, the Mulholland Dog Park offers over five acres to run and exercise on. Timid dogs will favor the smaller section reserved for small pooches.

Because the park is fenced-in and vast, numerous dog walkers call it home. This can become a little annoying when some dog walkers feel like networking with you to get new clients for their business. Besides that, it is a clean and lovely park to bring your dog to.

Perfect for socialization, your puppy will find dogs of different breeds, sizes and ages to interact and play with. Bring on some balls, toys and treats in your dog’s backpack and enjoy hours of fun!

Best Los Angeles Dog Parks | Los Angeles Dog Park | Dog Breeder Los Angeles

Best Los Angeles Dog Parks

Venice Beach Dog Park

WHERE: 1234 Pacific Ave, Venice, CA 90921

Officially called Westminster Off-Leash Dog Park, this one is a chocolate box. You will find a dog park full of eccentric characters — from artsy writers, homeless regulars, to happy singers! Obviously, there are plenty of dogs with very engaging owners (indeed, there is very little seatings so people walk and talk.)

This is the kind of place you either love or hate, but if you love it, you are going to SERIOUSLY love it. The people, the WHERE, the atmosphere, everything is unique so try it once and keep going back if you love it!

Best Los Angeles Dog Parks | Los Angeles Dog Park | Dog Breeder Los Angeles

Best Los Angeles Dog Parks

Long Beach Dog Beach

WHERE: 5000 E Ocean Blvd, Long Beach, CA 90803

Known as the only dog beach in Los Angeles, the commonly called Rosie’s Dog Beach is the best hangout for a hot afternoon. Forget about the quick walks, this is a dog space you want to go to and stay for hours. Your dogs too, trust me.

For a first, keep your dog on leash while going in the water, just to get your four-legged friend accustomed to the water situation. Once you both are comfortable with it, let your dog swim free! An afternoon at the dog beach may as well become your favorite activity (to both!)

Come before lunch time to avoid a large crowd of both dogs and humans.

Wrap Up!

As you can see, our list for Best Los Angeles Dog Parks caters for a wide range of dogs and people. Pick the ones you feel the most comfortable with and visit them once. And then on to the next one.

Your doggy will love these new trips and discoveries so expect some tail-wagging action!

Article graciously written by Breeding Business’s editorial team. Breeding Business is a free online magazine about ethical dog breeding (canine genetics, interviews, guides and news.)


Best Los Angeles Dog Parks | Los Angeles Dog Parks | Dog Breeders Los Angeles

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