Why Silver Lake or Echo Park? Because it’s rad.

The Westside of L.A. for years has been declared the “hip part of town”, particularly West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, and Santa Monica. These hoods are now depressingly over priced and over-policed. If you’re not packing multi-millions in your purse you’re wise to consider alternative housing options.

Today’s more tedious version of Sunset Boulevard (once the site of the cocaine-fueled L.A. metal scene and 80’s cool kids), has been castrated by gaudy nightclubs and the ‘Old/New Money’ snobbery best captured in an episode of Million Dollar Listing, where Josh Flagg and his boyfriend Colton Thorn share cocktails and awkward stares while discussing the importance of chambray window drapes or questionable doormen.

The Eastside is just a bit more edgy, and right now, particularly Silver Lake and Echo Park. We’re at the nucleus of the new genuine L.A. experience, and we’re no longer too sketchy for the Porsche-driving residents of The Westside.

Silver Lake and Echo Park offer just the right amount of graffiti-covered steps, wall murals, and lowriders to make a city feel like a city, as opposed to an amusement park of European performance cars, couture retailers, and other expensive crap.

If you haven’t heard this already, the Eastside is the place to buy real estate right now in Los Angeles. The asking prices are almost affordable which is half the battle.


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